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Enhanced Living Care Program

Need a little more care? We're here for you

Your care is at the heart of everything we do. Some of our residents require very little, and some need a variety of care services. Before you arrive at Sudbury Retirement Manor, our Wellness Director will discuss all aspects of your health and will respond with a customized plan to meet your needs. 

If your needs change, more support can be added to your plan. We are focused on becoming a reliable, trusted partner providing valued solutions for all aspects of your care, ensuring you receive exactly what you require on your terms. 

Our professional wellness staff is available around the clock to provide assistance in the privacy of your suite based on your personal routine and preferences.

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Plan your Care

Take charge of your well-being with personalized care planning at Sudbury Retirement Manor. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to create a tailored care plan that addresses your unique needs and preferences. From health monitoring to daily assistance, we are committed to ensuring you receive the support you require while maintaining independence.


Plan your care with us and embark on a journey of comfort, security, and individualized attention at Sudbury Retirement Manor. Your well-being is our priority, and your personalized care plan reflects our commitment to providing exceptional and compassionate support.

Personalized Wellness

Elevate your well-being with personalized wellness at Sudbury Retirement Manor. Our holistic approach embraces your unique needs, offering tailored fitness programs, engaging activities, and health-conscious initiatives. From physical vitality to emotional balance, our commitment to personalized wellness ensures a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.


Experience a harmonious blend of care and choice, where your individual journey to well-being is our top priority. Sudbury Retirement Manor invites you to thrive in a community that champions your personalized path to a healthier, happier you.

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Registered Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are trained to assist in your care program and include some of the following;

  • Medication Counseling and/or Management personalized plan of care to meet your every want and needs

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Nutrition and dietary needs

  • Falls prevention classes

  • Diabetes Management

Additional services are also available for purchase

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